5 Things You Should Know About Caring For Cats

5 Things You Should Know About Caring For Cats
By Darren Chan

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility and shouldn’t be a decision that is made lightly. If you’re a new cat owner or planning to get one as a pet, you will need to know a few cat care essentials. Here are 5 things you should know about caring for cats. Hopefully this will make your decision to own one a little easier.


The saying you are what you eat can be applied to cats as well. There are lots of cat foods available in the supermarkets and pet stores, a lot of them of pretty low quality. I would suggest laying off cheap dry food and adding omega 3 supplements for a healthier skin. You should also choose the correct food for your cat’s age as choice of food plays a part in obesity and heart disease as she ages.


Grooming is an important factor and depending on the length of your cat’s coat, you might need to groom her every other day. You have to take note that cats are notoriously adverse to water and bathing her might not be fun. You’ll need to get cat shampoo and a good pet brush for this activity.

Behavioural Problems:

This could happen with any pet and your cat might exhibit behavioural patterns such as aggression, listlessness, urinating outside the litter tray, etc. Cats do not react well to punishment and the key to successful training is patience and love for your pet.

Scratching of Furniture:

This is a common behaviour of cats yet something that might freak out new cat owners. You can’t stop cats from scratching as it is something they do to keep their claws trim. If you wish to keep your furniture intact, I suggest you invest in a good scratching post.


You’ll need to clean and change your cat litter box regularly and fill it with fresh litter. Training your cat to use the litter box will be required for new cats.

Cats are fun and affectionate pets, but they need love and respect. Hopefully these tips about caring for cats will help increase the bond between your pet and yourself.

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